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Sync with calendar providers in a matter of seconds

Sync Any Calendar With Your Application

Building scheduling and calendar sync features is mission-critical for many software companies. That’s why we built Automagical, so developers can build calendar connectivity into their application with ease.

Automate the grunt work

Keeping it personal doesn't mean doing everything by hand. Get repetable tasks out of the way with workflows: an effective automation system based on simple rules

Run Scheduled Jobs

You can create scheduled jobs that run exactly at the times you want. Or at business-centric times, like the first Monday of every month. And there are no limits on the number of triggers, steps, integration points or operations that you can perform.

We play nicely with your favoite products

Automagical has many integrations you can plug directly to your existing workflow. You can leverage our extensive developer tools.

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Leave unecessary pressure behind, everything is made simple so you can focus on your work. Try our automation tools and discover all our features.
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